And finally, score the job you have been searching for.

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The margin of safety, sort of!

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The great paradox of this remarkable is that the more complex the world around us becomes, the more simplicity we must seek to realise our financial goals….Simplicity, indeed, is the master key to financial success — Jack Bogle.

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Most people get led astray by emotion in investing. They get led astray by being excessively careless and optimistic when they have big profits and getting excessively pessimistic and too cautious when they have big losses.

It is impossible to produce superior performance unless you do something different from the majority

Sir John Templeton


source: Russian Roulette

Playing The Odds And Probability, Power Of Small Edge

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When money is in the equation, use your brain, not your heart.

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Locky Sharma

Blogger/writer on personal finance and Value investing. Non-Fiction and business literature reader. Currently living in Geelong VIC (Aus).

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